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About Me

I'm a 3D-Artist, Programmer & Transport Enthusiast from Kent in South-East England.

I took A-Levels in Maths, Physics, Computer Science and Product Design. I tried an Electronic & Electrical Engineering university course, but my mental health demons said no.

Currently I am making mods for the bus simulator OMSI 2, and soon I'll be modding the replacement - LOTUS-Simulator - too.


I have an email (replace (at) with an @ symbol): contact.roadhog123 (at)

About this Website

This website is a portfolio of my work, and a place for me to put my stuff that doesn't rely on another website continuing to exist. It also serves as an excellent learning tool for me to learn webdev and webserver management.


The webserver is a Raspberry Pi 1B. I keep it on the latest stable Debian, and it runs an Apache HTTP server.

Cloudflare provides a speed-boost by Caching, Auto-Minifying and Compressing the transferred data; as well as Firewall, Reverse-Proxy and SSL services.
Most importantly, Cloudflare provides DNS - their API combined with a DDNS Python script means that the DNS records are always pointing at the server's current IP.

The pages themselves are all hand-coded by me, using just simple HTML5 and CSS3 - no JS, PHP or anything else to slow things down.


This site does not need cookies, so it does not use cookies.

Privacy & Security

This website does not use any client-side scripting, does not feature any means to input data and Cloudflare blocks all non-retrieval requests to the server - as such the site cannot gather, process, store or share any information about you.

Your browser however, which is out of my control, can share information about you - when you click a link it often tells the destination where you came from. My webserver ignores this information, but if you click a link on this website to an external site, they may well take note that you came from here.

The following potentially identifiable information is written to log files: cloudflare proxy IP, time of request, URI requested (without query string) and browser user-agent string. The information is kept for 7 days for the purpose of dealing with malicious requests.