British Road Detailing Pack Overview

British Road Detailing Pack 2.3a

A collection of road markings, road signs and roadside clutter for decorating UK maps for OMSI 2.

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This is the second version of my pack of British road and roadside detailing objects for OMSI 2. It is entirely incompatible with the previous version.

Contained within this pack are a variety of road signs and road markings, made to conform closely to the DfT Standards. It doesn't and never will contain every sign in the UK, as most non-generic signs are custom made for the location, however it aims to cover most bases for map builders.
Also included is a small collection of roadside clutter items such as road cones, telegraph poles, bus stop shelters, etc..

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This pack is released under my Unrestricted License. This license is equivalent to Public Domain, but with some additional recommendations for the benefit of the OMSI 2 community.


Road-hog123's British Road Detailing Pack is available from the following places:

Fellowsfilm Forums:Download (Requires Registration, includes Support Forum)
Dropbox:Download (Download starts immediately)
Github:Download (includes Issue Tracker and option to download Source Materials)